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"Ode To The Forgotten Men And Women," A Poem By Donald J. Trump

Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 7:31:13 am

In celebration of National Poetry Month (April), FAKE NEWS TIME has learned that the White House has released a poem. The poem is entitled, “Ode To The Forgotten Men And Women." It was written by Donald J. Trump.

Because line spacing is important to poetry, the poem is available in the FAKE NEWS TIME print edition -- directly below -- which preserves line spacing for mobile-device viewing. The version with hyperlinks appears below the print edition.

Version with hyperlinks:

“Ode To The Forgotten Men And Women”
By Donald J. Trump

At my amazing inauguration,
which was attended in-person by everyone in the entire nation,
I said, “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.”
I read the words amazingly – just as Bannon had written them, only stronger.

And it’s true,
believe me, so true,
Mr. Forgotten Man, all the time,
I’m thinking of you.

While you’re out toiling all day in the Rust Belt,
so that our coal mines can be great again,
and many other heroes are at home watching "Fox & Friends,"
I’m thinking of you, Mr. Forgotten Man.

I’m thinking about you every weekend,
when I travel to great Trump golf courses where I play,
millions of tax dollars, which you and others pay,
so that I can pretend I’m a big star with the PGA.

I’m thinking about you on Trump National’s third tee,
when I feel a sharp pain in my knee.
Lucky it’s not you who hurts there,
because I’ll soon be taking away your health care.

I’m thinking about you when I hit the back nine,
on my weekly Trump International Golf Club vacation.
I hope you like my budget that slashes funding for
housing, medical research, and education

I’m thinking about you on my Trump golf properties,
where I enjoy the outdoors, the flowers, greenery, and scenery
It's so nice to appreciate nature and the great outdoors whenever I play,
but, believe me, I’m still going to destroy the EPA.

I was thinking about you when I teed it up
with PGA Tour legends McIlroy, Els, and Tiger.
By the way, don’t trust anything from your enemy the media,
they are all dirty rotten liars.

I’m thinking about you, as I promote my great Trump golf course empire,
which is so great, it continues to grow.
And, remember, all of your problems were caused
by illegal immigrants from Mexico

I’m thinking about you, when your tax money
pays Trump golf courses for Secret Service agents’ use of golf carts.
That way, the agents can protect me and make sure my golf balls don't get lost,
while my Press Secretary is busy downplaying the Holocaust.

Yes, it’s true,
believe me, so true,
Mr. Forgotten Man, all the time,
I’m thinking of you.

Remember, I’ve already fixed the country,
so I’m completely different than Obama,
who golfed all day when there was serious work to be done
Me, I’ve worked long enough at this job, so I deserve to have some fun.

Now, gotta run to catch my next tee time on a Trump golf course,
but let me tell you that I enjoy sitting here writing in verse.
Outside of Twitter, the best communication is poetry,
much better than phone calls, where "sick" Obama likes to wire “tapp” me.

Anyhow, Mr. Forgotten Man,
I really care about you a lot.
Now, just remember, “I'm President,
and you’re not.”

Copyright Note From Poet Trump: This is, quite frankly, the greatest poem of all-time and better than all prose – and I mean, really, folks, it’s not even close. This poem makes everything else look quite poor -- so, in the event of any unauthorized use, I’ll sue you like you’ve never got sued before.