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More Predictable Bullshit. - Wil Wheaton - Medium

Sun, Jul 16, 2017 at 10:13:00 am

Here’s what happens: A report or revelation that would end literally any other administration in the history of the country is released. Then, as predictably as night follows day, a complete bullshit story is spun out to a friendly writer (we will not call them journalists, because what they do is not journalism). That bullshit story is published, and Trump’s enablers can deflect with whataboutism (a tactic so infuriatingly successful, they don’t even need another move once they make it). Within about one day, it gets so exhausting to both journalists and news consumers, everyone tunes out and moves on to the next thing.

Thus, a real and important story is swept away in a single news cycle, reduced in the minds of too many people to the same level as the bullshit story that was intended to obscure it.

Most recently (as in, 18 hours ago), we learned that Trump Junior held meetings in Trump tower with Russians who were directly linked to the Kremlin. Trump Junior was promised damaging intel on HRC, and presumably the lifting of sanctions was discussed.

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