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'Christians' Sally & Nigel Rowe Say 'No' to the dress..on a school.. Because It's Confusing

Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 1:02:24 pm

Seems there are 'Christians' across the pond just as queasy about transgender identifying tots as they are here in the good 'ole USA.

Nigel and Sally Rowe are reportedly threatening to sue a Church of England primary school because it allowed a boy in their 6 year-old son's class to wear a dress, and are prepared to argue that the school has acted without due regard to pupils and not respected their rights to bring up their children according to their biblical beliefs. Key phrase being "their biblical beliefs".
Jeff Williams, director of education for the Diocese of Portsmouth, said "Church of England schools are inclusive environments where pupils learn to respect diversity of all kinds." Williams and the unnamed school said it followed Church of England guidance and that transgender people were protected under the 2010 Equalities Act.
The Sunday Times reported lawyers for the couple are expected to say that the school cannot rely on the Equalities Act because legal recognition of gender reassignment is only given to those over the age of 18.

In an interview with the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme, Nigel Rowe said his son came to him and said there was a boy in his class who was "sometimes coming as a boy and sometimes coming as a girl, and uhm, we were concerned about that because it's very confusing and how do children deal with that?" Obviously his solution is to not address his child's questions like an adult and pull his son from the school, as he and his wife did 2 years ago when they removed 8 year-old son from the same school in a separate row about a different transgender child.

Yeah, no obvious pattern of behaviour here.

- From In a video for Christian Concern, a campaign providing legal support to the couple, Ms Rowe claimed her eldest son became "quite ill and stressed" when a child in their eldest son's class wore a dress.
She added: "He was under stress partly because of the way he learns as a boy – he enjoys being outside – and also the confusion that was caused by having a boy in his class who decided to announce that they were going to have a girl's name and be dressed as a girl."
They said it was "simply not the case" that they were demonstrating prejudice against transgender people.
"There needs to be a different way of addressing this," Mr Rowe said. "A school environment is not the best place to be addressing this."

According to, both Rowe's say the school's handling of the situation did not show proper regard for the possible long-term emotional and psychological effects for the two young children seeking to change gender, or for the confusion and concern caused to other people by the suggestion that boys are not always boys, and girls are not always girls.
Think about that for a second. These two twits think that if these kids, not their kids but someone else's kids, are spending one day in a dress and the next in dungarees, they're obviously wanting to change gender and therefore it's going to mentally fuck up other people...based on their 'Christian' beliefs.
I seriously doubt these two have ever spoken to the boys they fear are mentally messing with their kid's heads or those children's parents. I'm pretty sure if they did, they might learn something about parenting.
But then again, the Rowe’s seem pretty mentally shuttered and critically closeted. Seriously, even Conservative MP Anna Soubry and Labour MP Stella Creasy were among those lambasting the parents, with Creasy accusing them of teaching their child to “hate’.