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A Muslim Landowner in the Philippines Took in Christians to Protect Them From Islamist Extremists

Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 10:21:29 am

When bravery is expressed as kindness in desperate times the human soul shines through. Good fortune played a role of course these things sometimes end terribly. but the lesson is paramount. Bravery often comes without a weapon.

“We’re going out, by hook or by crook,” Lucman announced to his guests shortly after dawn on Day 12. “Say your prayers, I’ll say my prayers, and we’ll go. God will be with us. And if we live, thank God for that.”

He instructed them to form a line and led them out of the house. They snaked through back alleys and onto a road. Neighbors joined the group, which grew to more than 140 people.

They carried white flags and moved quickly with their heads down. Sniper bullets pelted the ground.

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