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Left Cries Foul, but Electoral College Prevents Tyranny of the Majority

Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 5:32:57 pm

I'm speechless...this is what we have to fight against:

Author: Paul Jenkins
(Paul Jenkins is editor of the, a division of Porcaro Communications)

The political left and its mouthpiece, The New York Times, are still fuming over Hillary Clinton's election humiliation last year, and are nothing if not determined — even frantic — to rid this nation of the pesky Electoral College that installed Donald Trump as president.

Clinton is the fifth candidate in U.S. history to win the popular vote and tank in the Electoral College. The Times wonders how she could have been "thwarted by a 200-year-old constitutional anachronism designed in part to appease slaveholders and ratified when no one but white male landowners could vote."

In an editorial last week, "Let the people pick the president," it urged a popular vote to decide presidential and vice presidential contests.

"The winners of Tuesday's elections — Republican or Democrat, for governor, mayor or dogcatcher — all have one thing in common: They received more votes than their opponent," The Times harrumphed. "That seems like a pretty fair way to run an electoral race, which is why every election in America uses it — except the most important one of all."

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