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Why'd Don Jr. Basically Confess? Toobin: "He's Not That Bright"

Tue, Nov 14, 2017 at 11:23:28 am

The state of our national discourse has degraded to the point that actual naked honesty, devoid of spin & stripped of artifice, has the ability to stop us all in our tracks.

Setting the stage: the panel was discussion WhyTF would Don Jr. take to the internet to confess to colluding with Wikileaks and the Kremlin? Assange was denying it, the Kremlin was set to deny it, every single sleaze-liar who could be trotted out in front of TV cameras for the last year has adamantly denied it ... Jeff Sessions is on the hot seat for being caught in a lie, denying it ...

So why would Don Jr. basically unzip his pants and lay his ballsack on the anvil and dare Mueller to take a whack at it with a sledgehammer?

Enjoy (video will not embed, you're gonna hafta click through):

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Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was on CNN this morning and dropped some major shade at the expense of Fredo Corleone Donald Trump Jr.

Toobin and host Chris Cuomo were discussing Trump Jr.’s infamous, and lengthy, correspondence with Wikileaks and wondering why he waited until after he was outed by The Atlantic to share his records.

Toobin went straight for the jugular.

“Because he’s not that bright,” he said.

Cuomo was taken aback by the blunt response.

“Wasn’t expecting that,” he said to colleague Alisyn Camerota.

Toobin elaborated.

“All of Donald Trump Jr.’s behavior suggests someone who is really not a terrifically intelligent person, someone who is crude in his thinking and is just trying to help his father get elected by any legal or illegal means he can.”