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Milo Bombs in CA After Mercers Declare Him an "Unperson"

Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 11:51:15 am

If any of you were wondering what the future holds for CCJ, Dana "Muhgunz", Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, James O'Keefe et al., look no further than the rancid hate-troll Milo Yiannopolous.

His "Triumphant Tour of California" doesn't seem to have gone all that well.

Fullerton was supposed to be just one stop in what Yiannopoulos billed as a major national tour in which he would bring hard-right attitude to liberal campuses and other venues.

But the tour has largely fizzled. Of the at least eight planned events nationally in October and November, Fullerton was the only one on a college campus that ended up happening. (He also spoke at a book signing with former Trump advisor Roger Stone in mid-October in Orlando, Fla.).

At this point, it is perhaps instructive to look at the example of Walter Winchell, and his later years, after the oligarchs were done using him to whip up resentment in the slack-jawed rubes:

Winchell's personal demons made him vulnerable. ''He was an egomaniac,'' Mr. Klurfeld said. ''Old age didn't creep up on him. Overnight he became a sick old man.''

As his career hurtled through its ups and downs, his son committed suicide, a daughter, Walda, suffered mental imbalance, another daughter, Gloria, whom he had adopted and adored, died of pneumonia, and his wife turned reclusive. He died of cancer in 1972 and was buried with only Walda at his graveside.