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DId Murdoch Try to Ratf*ck Facebook to Save MySpace?

Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 11:03:56 am

How does this malignant, evil Australian continue to get away with this shit?

Oh yeah. That's right. He has the entire GOP working for him, and has only to crook a little finger to permanently destroy their careers.

Beat up and humbled. Still not getting it.

From the Wired story about Facebook, there was this hidden little gem:

Zuckerberg had reason to take the meeting especially seriously, according to a former Facebook executive, because he had firsthand knowledge of Murdoch’s skill in the dark arts. Back in 2007, Facebook had come under criticism from 49 state attorneys general for failing to protect young Facebook users from sexual predators and inappropriate content. Concerned parents had written to Connecticut attorney general Richard Blumenthal, who opened an investigation, and to The New York Times, which published a story. But according to a former Facebook executive in a position to know, the company believed that many of the Facebook accounts and the predatory behavior the letters referenced were fakes, traceable to News Corp lawyers or others working for Murdoch, who owned Facebook’s biggest competitor, MySpace. “We traced the creation of the Facebook accounts to IP addresses at the Apple store a block away from the MySpace offices in Santa Monica,” the executive says. “Facebook then traced interactions with those accounts to News Corp lawyers. When it comes to Facebook, Murdoch has been playing every angle he can for a long time.” (Both News Corp and its spinoff 21st Century Fox declined to comment.)

How much longer can this keep going on?