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Neo-Nazi Group Linked to 5 Killings in Florida, Virginia, California

Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 12:54:04 pm

At first glance, five killings in three states since last May appeared to be unrelated, isolated cases.

But a common thread is emerging. Three young men have been charged, and all appear to have links to the same white supremacist group: the Atomwaffen Division.

Atomwaffen is German for "atomic weapons," and the group is extreme. It celebrates Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson, its online images are filled with swastikas, and it promotes violence.

National Security Florida Killings: Radical Islam And The Far Right, Under One Roof

One of the group's videos shows young men, wearing scarves over their faces and camouflage, firing rifles during military-style training. The video begins with group members shouting in unison, "Race War Now," and concludes with the tag line, "Join Your Local Nazis."

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