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Roseanne Barr Is Tweeting About QAnon, a New Pizzagate-Style Conspiracy Theory

Sat, Mar 31, 2018 at 1:32:29 pm

Barr's been full metal Trump-loving wingnut in a social liberal suit for a long long time. This is why I would never watch her show, and why I won't be spending money with advertisers on her show once someone compiles the list and propagates it.

QAnon believers are convinced that the world is run by a nefarious deep state cabal of Democrats, celebrities, and intelligence community figures (many of whom, they claim, are pedophiles).

Trump is about to take them all down, in their telling, often with sealed indictments that are hidden from the public. Hence Barr’s tweets about massive pedophile networks.

Here’s the backstory, which I covered for my newsletter on right-wing media, Right Richter. In late October 2017, an anonymous person calling themselves “Q” — a reference to the high-level “Q” security clearance, “QAnon” — started posting cryptic clues across anonymous internet forums.

They’re so vague that they can mean anything, or be taken to be signals about whatever the day’s current events are. And, of course, literally anyone could be posting these clues.

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