Live Blog: Sarah Palin at TeaBagCon

Slumbering Behemoth Stinks2/06/2010 7:36:07 pm PST

Okay, if I may indulge in a rant for a moment…

“Elite”. Spat out like a pejorative by these wingnut, anti-intellectuals, with such consistency and inflection as to almost sound like the “N” word. Fuck them.

I am about as non-elite as the average person (redundant), but I am getting sick and tired of the slack jawed wingnuts shitting on “elites” the way you may find fascist dictators of the past shitting on any convenient scape goat. It is a stupid and repulsive piece of rhetoric.

There are elites out there, and we who are not should be damn grateful they are. They are the driven, motivated professionals at the tops of their fields. Hard workers and hard studiers who have busted their asses to achieve excellence.

If I fall ill with a rare form of brain cancer, I want an “elite” cancer specialist or neurosurgeon on the case. Not someone like me, a “common man”.

If there is a sensitive national security issue that needs to be handled discreetly, I want our “elite” special forces on the job, not “common men” like me.

Fuck this populist, anti-elite, anti-intellectual nonsense. It reeks far to much of fascism and communism.