Pamela Geller's Offensive Anti-Muslim Ads Hit San Francisco Buses

allegro8/13/2012 8:25:42 pm PDT

OT: Winning! Fer realz.

I’ve talked about my dog walking friend here at the park - my politically low-info-voter-but-quite-conservative bellweather. (She’s the one who asked me a year or so ago if Obama was a Republican or Democrat - as I said politically LOW info.) We don’t talk about politics much at all, having a lot of other things to talk about during our half hour evening stroll but tonight she said “I am so sick of politics. I’ll be glad when this election is over.”

I commented that I thought this election was particularly interesting and fun to follow because I had never seen a bigger ideological divide between the two candidates and parties. She asked, “like how?” (that made me happy dance) I told her that in spite of some things that Obama has done and a couple of his policy positions that I don’t like at all, that I was very much looking forward to voting for him again. I said that even if I didn’t like a lot of things about Obama I would still vote for him because a vote for Romney-Ryan was just unthinkable. I started in on Romney, clicking off the issues (and OK what a lying, entitled sleaze bucket I think he is - she agreed), then on the Ryan plan, talking about what was in it and how just fucking evil the philosophy behind it is. She said several times as I was listing issues, “yeah, I’ve heard that but I didn’t really understand what it was about… wow, really?”

By the time we’d made the loop around the park and were about ready to say goodnight, I laughed and said “Gee, you said you were sick of politics and what do I do but get on my soapbox!” She said that when I talk about it, it’s fun and interesting and she wants to hear more. It’s just the bits she hears on news broadcasts that she’s annoyed with because they don’t tell her anything - it’s just fragmented sound-bites that she doesn’t trust or understand because she doesn’t follow the back-stories. Now that I’m filling in some of the pieces (in my own inimitable way - I’m nothing if not colorful when I get worked up about something) she’s getting interested in finding out more.

I even have her now looking forward to watching the upcoming debates with me. This is huge. Turning Texas blue, one low-info voter at a time. :D