Are You a Tax Cheat if You Shop Online Tax-Free?

alinuxguru5/05/2013 12:37:52 pm PDT
“We collect and pay sales tax here in California and we’re happy to do that. We receive benefit from that. We can influence lawmakers locally on how those taxes are spent and how much those are and how they’re collected,” Davis said.

I agree with Davis, although her argument that she lacks the manpower to adhere to these regulations is disengnous. Software can take care of the multitude of tax districts issue.

But, she is fundamentally right. As a California company, she receives no benefits by paying Florida taxes. As a matter of fundamental fairness, she should not be required to become an indentured agent of Florida.

Nor should Florida, which provides no benefit to a California company, subject a California company to pay taxes without representation. Florida voters get to vote on their tax rate, California voters do not get to vote on Florida tax rates.