NBC Deceptively Edits Rabbi on Sexual Abuse, Does An O'Keefe [UPDATE: NBC Issues A Correction]

cinesimon6/26/2013 7:52:31 pm PDT

Yeah, it’s an NBC-wide conspiracy.
That why the guy who edited the Zimmerman clip was fired, is apparently to inconsequential for the writer. Much more important to cherry pick the bits that matter to the thrust of the story.
Just like NBC has done a couple times. Meaning they’re just like James O’Keefe. All of NBC!

And I’m sorry, but this is a real issue. I understand being upset about this particular case, but where is your outrage regarding the actual issue? And please don’t pretend that there is no problem, and it’s just a media conspiracy aimed at Jews.
While it’s fair to point out bad journalism, it seems to me that the priorities are not a little twisted. Protect the community, at the expense of it’s victims. Demonize the media, to try to change the subject. That it?