Judicial Watch: Obama and Holder's 'Racial Extremism' Behind Zimmerman Trial

majii7/12/2013 6:00:12 pm PDT

Fitton is an ass. He’s pretending that the Bush administration didn’t completely politicize the DOJ. He has no proof that the DOJ under AG Holder organized the protests in Sanford, FL. The protest was a grassroots event. I recall reading about it on several web sites. Some of the sites were selling tickets on buses that were going to Sanford and arranging lodging at hotels/motels in the area. Just because the right was so busy defending Zimmerman and trying to keep his butt from being indicted at the time doesn’t mean that others of us weren’t organizing to go and protest in Sanford. This one slipped under their radar, and since it did, they have to accuse the president and AG of organizing the protest. Pitiful.