More Detroit Treasures That Might be Looted

Dark_Falcon7/26/2013 6:28:00 pm PDT

Downding for saying that banks want to enslave people in Detroit. That’s just plain over-the-top wacky.

As for Detroit’s art, I say it should be auctioned off. That’s how bankruptcy works: You lose your treasures. They are surrendered to a trustee who sells them and then uses the monies from the sale to pay your creditors.

Historic cars are not vital to a city, though their loss may wound its morale. greatly. But the law shouldn’t care about that: Before the whole state of Michigan suffers additional taxes, before pensions are cut, art and other valuables belonging to the city should be sold. That is what is fairest to all the state’s people, and it is the scenario envisioned by the law.