A genius nation fighting against its own intelligence

(((Viking Sea Mexican)))9/27/2013 5:29:09 am PDT
[…] you won’t delay it for a year so it can be fixed […]

What needs fixing that requires to be delayed a year? Doesn’t it cover conservative pearl clutching already?

Have congress pass a law to allow insurance companies to sell nationwide with national coverage.

This will not only not solve any problems, it will make insurance coverage worst.

If all you care is about money, it makes sense. If you care about people, it doesn’t.

It will never be successful as long as congress holds the purse strings.

You still have no clue how your government works.

Let the free market regulate it and make it successful

Insurance is one of the markets where free market economics makes it worst. That’s one of the many reasons most developed countries have a version of single payer.

I stopped here. Couldn’t handle that much BS this early.