Detroit Police Chief Defends Stance on Backing Citizens Carrying Guns

Yeah Sure WhatEVs2/06/2014 1:01:17 pm PST

Here’s my problem: I’d feel much better about people carrying guns if the average joe had (reiterate HAD, as in, was required) to take training (ideally becoming certified) because you can easily shoot the wrong person when getting involved in a scuffle.

As it is now, Scooter takes his god- given rights down to the corner store and voila! he’s packing heat. Does he know how to use it? Who knows. Clean it? Who knows. Use the safety? Who knows. Aim and hit intended targets? Who knows. Keep it protected, stored properly, his kids safe from if finding it and playing cowboys and Indians, etc., etc., etc. A gun is a weapon and should require training (yes, that goes for hunters, too).

There seems to me to be too little concerning gun safety and too much concerning simple ownership. I mean, you have to pass a test to drive a car, why can’t safety and usage tests be required to own guns which are at least as lethal as a Buick?