Ben "Friends of Hamas" Shapiro Asks: "Is Michael Sam's Coming Out a Milestone, or a Media Set-Up?"

Ace-o-aces2/10/2014 9:57:24 pm PST

This is from an interview Ben did 5 months ago:

The state has an interest in the bearing and the raising of children. If there are not enough children born, the entire state collapses, and if those children are raised in either single-parent homes or non-traditional homes then society collapses. So the state clearly has an interest in children being born into their biological families and raised in their biological families. Every social science study ever done has shown that that’s the case.

if the question is if it’s better to be raised in a gay home than in China or something, the answer is of course. But we are not talking about the lesser of two evils - we are talking about what the societal standards should be. The bottom line is when you subsidize something you make it more common. You’re going to see more gay people getting married and you’re going to gay people not only adopting kids but an increasing number if gay folks using surrogate mothers to create fetuses in vitro. And now you’re not talking about the lesser of two evils - now you’re talking about production of a child specifically to be brought into a gay home instead of a traditional one, and that’s a problem. But the power of the gay movement to leverage the state to shut down churches, that’s the real danger, beyond the fact that it isn’t good for any kid to be raised in environment that’s not a solid mother-father home.

So Ben thinks gays will destroy society and destroy churches…but hey, what homophobia?