Have Physicists Finally Detected Gravitational Waves?

lostlakehiker3/17/2014 8:31:12 am PDT

Of course there are gravity waves. The existence of electromagnetic radiation is a necessary emergent feature of the internal logic of static electricity plus special relativity. The exact same logic, word for word but with “charge” replaced by “mass”, implies that there must be gravity waves.

On top of this, if one runs the numbers on what the theory says about closely orbiting pairs of neutron stars, one gets gravitational synchrotron radiation, a twin to the EM radiation given off by particle accelerators.

That implies a loss of energy from the system, and one can calculate how much and how fast and what that would do to the orbital period. The calculations very nicely match observation, and nothing else has been suggested that would account for the observed changes in orbital period. So that’s a natural experiment whose result tends to confirm the existence of gravity waves.

Still, if they’ve found it, more direct evidence of gravity waves would be nice. Logic alone isn’t infallible in physics and while even “circumstantial” evidence is strong, eyewitness evidence is nice to have too. It would be a handsome achievement to bring such evidence to the table.