The Alleged Silicon Valley Hiring Conspiracy Is Bigger Than You Thought

Bill Lenner3/24/2014 1:26:14 pm PDT

I think that investigating this and whether the Obama administration gave them a pass would be right up Darrell Issa’s Investigations and government accountability committee’s alley.

But wait, Google was one of Issa’s top 10 contributors in the 2012 race. Gee I wonder why he never messed with the big G on this, nor on whether the govt missed controlling Google like EU and UK did.

Other Issa top contributors UPS and Pitney Bowles would love to see the USPS go down since they are already involved in delivery and/or postage collection. Fun game. Find out what you can get from Issa’s top ten contributors list.

Darrell Issa’s top 2012 contributors

I have copies on my disk and hard ones in case that’s attacked. In 2012 Issa got millions in donations to keep his seat. His opponent got less that $20k. Do we wonder why the man thinks he can get away with anything?

BTW, the man represents Camp Pendleton and surrounding areas. it includes some Orange and San Diego county areas (in California), but it has been rated as nearly evenly matched in Democratic and Republican voters though Issa keeps blowing his opponents out of the water with his big campaign donations. Search on US House District CA #49 if you want more information. Some link should give you his likely current Democratic opponent name. (not only have we not had a primary yet, but CA has open primaries with the top two vote receivers running against each other).
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