Io9 - Everything You Need To Know About Lemuria, The Lost Continent Of Lemurs

lostlakehiker8/25/2014 7:11:13 pm PDT

This from the article:

Cost remains a barrier, but so does perception, he said, adding, “It’s a psychology and sociology thing, as well as a pricing thing.”

How true. And there’s this: some of the tonier schools are just about sure to socially wrong-foot a poor person. It’s a lot easier to fit in on campus if your clothing and mannerisms and attitudes toward money do not mark you as apart from the others. There are very good honors programs at many not-quite-elite state schools—-say, just to pick an example of a strong school that isn’t private and isn’t exactly top ten, University of Illinois, Urbana.

Now it comes down to the personal tastes of the student. Somebody who has a lot of social graces and can fit into the swim of things almost anywhere could gain a lot from immersion in an upscale milieu, and the cachet of a degree from an elite school would be nice too.

Others, and I would count myself in this category as far as mindset, might not care to be in a setting where the students and the town are so well off. Where fashion is a must. Where the girls (or guys) are almost from another planet.

The education will be plenty rigorous enough, and the degree plenty real, if earned at a highly rated state school. They have good honors programs. An absolute off-the-scale genius should go to Cambridge or Cal Tech or whatever, but short of that, your ‘mere’ National Merit type will find no lack of challenge and opportunity at Next Tier U.