No Incident Report? Then Where's Use of Force Report? Violations From Ferguson - PINAC

1Peter G18/30/2014 7:29:08 am PDT

Well if you consult the ACLU they will remind you that there is this thing in the US constitution that grants to every person the right not to incrimInate themselves. It is found in the fifth amendment. So really there is no way to compel the officer to produce any such report. And so his union or association representative as well as competent legal counsel would and almost always does advise. Now demanding that the police department produce a report without having the testimony of the only officer present will get you exactly what you asked for, a largely blank outline of the barest of facts. In other words you get exactly what you asked for. Unless of course it is your firmly held belief that the officer has no rights and can be compelled to surrender his rights.