Who Is Saul Alinsky, and Why Does the Right Hate Him So Much? - Vox

lostlakehiker10/09/2014 5:28:29 pm PDT

I’ve met him in person.

His message was that to win a political fight for a radical cause, you needed to

(1) Dress, act, and speak in a conventional way. Be no sort of rebel in your personal life, hair, grooming, etc. apart from the issue at hand. So, if you’re black, dress white, speak white, etc. If you’re advocating for legalizing drugs, don’t use them yourself, wear your hair cut short, etc.

(2) Personalize the other side. Pick an individual and attack him in his own person. Don’t just argue in the abstract. This, of course, in a political sense. You wouldn’t throw coffee in his face or spit, much less shoot. That would violate rule 1.

I don’t remember the rest of it, but I concluded that I didn’t like it much but it looked to be more effective perhaps than the tactics of Mark Rudd, who went for shock value and probably lost ground politically even if he maybe did right well with the ladies.