Amazon Offers All-You-Can-Eat Books. Authors Turn Up Noses.

Romantic Heretic1/04/2015 10:48:53 am PST

One writer I know lost 75% of her revenues due to Unlimted.


“In the old days, you had to type the story on actual paper,” said Michael Henderson, a former lawyer now living in Venice, Italy. “Make your changes and retype it, or hire someone to do it. It was a herculean effort to get a 400-page manuscript ready. Now any monkey with a computer can do it in hours. Shazam, everyone is a writer.”

I have a mild motor control problem and typing is very tricky. Not exactly difficult, but tricky.

When I tried writing on a typewriter it wasn’t uncommon for every second word to require a correction. So a single page was often more than an hour’s work. Needless to say when writing is such a chore I didn’t do much of it.

Writing is much, much easier with a computer. I couldn’t write without one.

So, Mr. Henderson. You can take your sour grapes and shove them up your ass.