Environmentalists Admit Being Wrong for 40 Years - Shackles of Nuclear Power Being Removed | Oil

Love-Child of Cassandra and Sisyphus2/07/2011 2:13:13 pm PST

Well, where to begin…

First of all, the writer (an experienced free-lance writer) confuses “anti-nuke” with “environmentalist”. While it is true that many people who self-identify as “anti-nuke” also self identify as “environmentalist”, there have always been people who were anti-nuke who really weren’t involved with environmentalism, and likewise not all environmental activists and organizations were anti-nuclear power.

Indeed, the writer, Llewellyn King, has another article out today called Stand Up to NIMBY in which he identifies NIMBYism as a significant problem in going forward with energy projects.

I submit to you that NIMBYism has had just as much to do with the anti-nuke feelings in this country, as much as “environmentalism”.

Also, a non-trivial portion of the anti-nuke movement in the US was tied to nuclear weapons. Note that the same government, the same government agencies (the DOE and its predecessors), that are involved with nuclear power are/were also involved with nuclear weapons.

Finally, nuclear energy, while a useful source of energy, also comes with its own, heavy baggage. It really is dangerous, but with enough expenditures (and thus it can never be “too cheap to meter”) can be managed, as we do with many dangerous human activities.

Finally2, the link is to an oil industry propaganda machine, and the author’s article was sourced to them from OSINT, an “intelligence” organization that uses/exploits the techniques of intelligence for commercial interests to, in this case, manage propaganda.