The diabolically cunning plan of the Democrats as explained by a FReeper...

ausador5/04/2011 8:04:12 am PDT

I’m a bit concerned by the “unless there is another attack on US soil in the next 1.5 years, Obama will remain President through 2016” statement, I keep hearing this over and over at most far right sites. When did these people decide that it was OK to hope for a major terrorist strike within the U.S. instead of advocating national security because it would help their political party?

I’m just sayin’ you’ve got to be pretty damn sick with the “Us vs. Them” bug to be sitting around hoping for terrorists to kill thousands of Americans simply because it makes the opposition party look bad. Whatever happened to simply wanting whatever is the best for the country and your fellow Americans?

We aren’t rooting for sports teams over some ultimately meaningless trophy celebrating one years ascendancy over it’s rivals. We are trying to elect a government to carry on the existence of this country at least through our children’s lifetimes, (and hopefully longer).

This poisonous partisan atmosphere has to fade…otherwise?