Netanyahu backs laws to limit donations to Israeli human rights organizations

CuriousLurker11/08/2011 12:56:03 am PST

From the article:

Akunis told Haaretz on Monday that “this is a just, logical law that eliminates an anomalous situation in which foreign states intervene in Israel’s political discourse via the conferral of money given in the form of donations to NPOs that pursue political goals. Incidentally, this pertains entirely to NPOs sponsored by the left.” The MK added that “the fact that a state such as England can donate money to a movement such as Peace Now is blatantly unfair. This is a law which will bring justice.” […]

“Operating in Israel are organizations which have the goal of denouncing the state of Israel to the world at large, and transforming IDF soldiers and officers into pariah figures, while defaming their reputations. Such organizations receive financing from foreign sources and states, and the goal of these funds is to harm and alter public discourse in Israel,” claims the preamble to this proposed bill.

Does anyone know which groups, apart from Peace Now, the Israeli government takes issue with? Just curious (and too lazy to dig for info right now).