What about this Salafist?

goddamnedfrank2/03/2012 4:26:52 pm PST

If I were you I’d avoid the guy, and if need be any overt association with the MSA. I don’t think there’s any requirement in Islam to stay active in one’s local student association, and it seems to cause you little but grief. On top of that some of the guy’s language is genuinely troubling, especially the “I believe in the value of an ‘eye for an eye’” shit followed by how much he hates the soldiers he views as murderers. He’s also using with us or against us language, which wasn’t helpful when Bush did it.

I’d just stay the hell away from the guy, stop thinking about him entirely. He sounds like the kind of asshole that thrives on conflict, so there’s no probably no way you can engage the asshole without giving him the attention and satisfaction he’s looking for.

Take up Tenkara fishing or something.