In the age of Youtube and Google it is scary Romney seems not to be punished for holding views that flip flop day to day

Yeah Sure WhatEVs10/23/2012 9:37:28 pm PDT

My iPhone is not cooperating. Lets see if I can post this without having it go into the black hole of cyberspace.

What bothers me most is that if Romney gets away clean with outright lying, without a single repercussion, this will become di rigour for all future politicians. This isn’t the “Read My Lips” bullshit pols have always done, it’s outright, flat out lying. About everything.

Couple this with his being able to completely get away without a single policy position throughout the entire race, save for some bullshit Day One platitudes aimed at his base (repeal Obamacare, etc.), We The People will never again be treated to either knowing what we’re voting for or any way to hold that official accountable to accomplishing what they said - because they never said.

Perhaps, long after my lifetime, some honesty would return, after America lives through decades of being America, Inc. and then Romney will forever have a place in American history for being a fucking liar. He will become a noun, a verb, and a joke.

Right now, the joke is in us. And we are fucking allowing it!

Forgive typos. I’m not editing. Pressing Post and praying.