Walmart Customer Shoots Suspected Shoplifter

Rightwingconspirator2/28/2013 3:18:00 pm PST

Not sure how you interpret “the NRA gun society”.

This incident flies in the face of the far and away most common scenario for CCW permitees. That would be no accidents and no incidents. Both of those are quite rare. Go ahead and total up the CCW permits and the CCW related accidents and misuses. Do the math and look at the rate of incident. Pretty darn low.

Just yesterday a friend in the jewelry biz was telling me about a recent incident he had at home. Two men broke into his house. My friend confronted them gun in hand as they approached his bedroom where his wife was sitting terrified on the phone with 911. One man ran out the other surrendered for arrest a short while later. Shots fired-0. Injuries-0 Arrests-1 for felony b & e with intent to do physical harm.
My friend has some training, knew enough to toss his keys out his window for the police to enter easily. The guys made enough noise forcing their way in there was time to get a gun out of a quick release gun safe.

The guy that surrendered was armed with a long piece of iron rebar.