Encyclopedia of American Loons: #652: Werner Erhard

pittee8/19/2013 4:46:17 am PDT

re: #8 Vicious Babushka

You roll out that definition to suit you here and using your definition you would have to include many sports situations and the military and other circumstances that tend to be and more rigourous and rigid than other circumstances. Students working on their PhD’s and people in a jury often sequester themselves in order to get a certain result and that involves not doing things the way they normally do them

But more importantly, est was NOT “controlling” any, let alone “every detail of” anyone’s “life”, let alone anyone’s ” bodily functions”. Paying customers were intrigued by what est offered and promised them and chose to give up certain practices for a very short time as an experiment to see what it would allow for. It was a choice and people were free to choose every single aspect of the est training and MANY did leave or walk out if it did not work for them. That is what adults do. These were smart successful people taking the est training, not slouches. thecommodore who wrote this blog is no slouch.