Startup CEO Dudebro Wishes 'Degenerates' Would Stop Ruining 'The Civilized Part' of San Francisco

Dark_Falcon12/11/2013 4:17:54 pm PST

re: #9 Snarknado!

It’s much more complicated than that. The reason there’s no high density housing is that any time you want to obstruct a view in San Francisco (which anything over about three stories will do) the neighbors rise up in fury and prevent it from happening. Plus the fact that SF is a peninsula, and there’s no place to expand to. (The area he’s talking about is the flophouse area, and the housing there is comparatively cheap still, though perhaps not after this.) There was something like a balance before the influx of techies, now the people who would “support” the added population and hold the lower-level jobs in the tech industry can’t find housing, and the same level people already living there are being driven out by the influx of the well-heeled.

Then there’s not likely to be a managed solution, since that require people to accept the loss of their fine views in order to accommodate condos for rich Johnny-come-latelys. You’re right that people won’t do that, because it would be too humiliating.