Multi Sniper Attack on Silicon Valley Electric Grid Raises Alarm

Scottish Dragon2/07/2014 11:44:16 am PST

re: #1 Dark_Falcon

The article has a major problem with it:

Calling the rifles in question “assault rifles” assumes facts not provided. Snipers typically use scoped rifles designed for precision fire, often bolt-action. Said rifles are often in the same same caliber as a number of semi-auto rifles. The lesser accuracy of non-scoped assault rifles would have made them more likely to hit the wrong place on the transformers and cause an explosion.

I bring this up because 2-3 bolt-action Lee-Enfield SMLE rifles could have carried out this attack, and I feel the LA Times is laying the blame on semi-auto rifles without evidence. The issue in this case is the shooters, not the rifles, and the ignorant attempt by the LA Times to blame “EBBIL GUNNZ!!1” is both tedious and foolish. It’s telling that the Wall Street Journal’s account of the attack provides a timeline of the attack but does not add unsupported claims about what sort of rifles were used.

Reports like that of the LA Times are much the reason why so many gun owners hate the mainstream media.

Brass was recovered from the scene, so they know the calibre of the rifles and the likely make and model.