You Should Listen to This Responsible Gun Owner Murder These Teenagers, Even Though You Do Not Want To

ObserverArt5/04/2014 12:50:35 pm PDT

Political Atheist,

I mention this in the realm of (political) language, and not so much about guns.

Isn’t the use of the term ‘responsible gun owner’ in a sense a common statement used both pro and con? Has it not almost crossed into the political language as a tool used by the media? And if that is the case, is Skip’s use of the term not a common usage?

And believe me, I also understand that it would rile up decent gun owners. But it riles up gun owners to a degree both ways too. The NRA uses it all the time in its diatribes. So, as a phrase it is well, a loaded gun. Here it upset some decent realistic and lawful gun owners with its use. I, not being a gun owner, but liking words, took Skip to me something different.

I guess my point is, part of the problem with gun debate as with all political debate, is that people can’t debate when they get caught up in language and fail to understand how that language is being used.

Now maybe Skip did want to poke a stick in some eyes. I can’t speak for him. But knowing it is a term that can be loaded, do we always assume that it is used as a dig at ALL gun owners?

And that is the other part of the use of the phrase. It does in a way have a connotation that speaks to a cliche ‘image’ of the crazy gun owner that is a temper tantrum away from being a killer. Yes, he had guns, went to shows, hunted, etc. and went from what he saw himself as, a responsible gun owner, to a killer. That, like all cliche images is aimed at a cartoon of the crazy gun owner. That like all cliches is also based on some stories of real occurrences of people that saw themselves as responsible becoming criminals.

In other words, I’d be amazed to see you or William Barnett-Lewis go over to Bundy’s ranch and get all worked up. I would expect some of the cliched ‘responsible gun owners’ that Skip may be alluding to to be at Bundy’s.

I don’t see the Bundy Brigade of supporters as responsible gun owners. They haven’t shot or killed anyone, but they in a way play to the cliche that Skip is using. I’m willing to bet both of you and William find those guys all as nut cases. They see themselves as patriots, etc. Do they not see themselves as responsible gun owners? See what I mean?