Pepsi Is Ditching Aspartame -- Based on No Evidence Whatsoever

SteveMcGriftFlynnComey... ...corruptemoligate RN4/26/2015 8:19:25 am PDT

re: #5 philosophus invidius

Your suggestion that the jury is still out seems to be based on the difficulty of proving a negative. I think that the science in this arena has proved the negative (artificial sweeteners cause no harm). I don’t think people really read the ingredients list in such detail that they keep track of which sodas have which sweetener.
My wife uses a lot of these sweeteners in coffee and tea and she can tell the difference between them. She doesn’t like the yellow kind, and she prefers to mix the pink and the blue ones. One of these days I’ll check out which is which.
In my experience with diet sodas, I had a hard time finding one that either wasn’t revolting or didn’t leave an after taste in my mouth all day long. I finally settled on PA Dutch diet birch beer, which is almost as good as the original (and had no after taste). It was spectacularly carbonated (a two liter bottle blew up once in a new fridge that wasn’t set up right to keep it from freezing - it truly exploded and not only blew the door open but the cap and 3 inches of plastic bottle were lodged in the plastic of the door!) Short story long, I took about 1250 calories out of my daily intake for over two years and didn’t lose an ounce! I went back to regular Coke and I haven’t gained any weight either. No attempt at science here, it’s just frustrating.