Acoustic Virtuoso Luca Stricagnoli Amazes Again: "Gangsta's Paradise"

Hecuba's daughter11/09/2019 11:12:22 am PST

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From downstairs:

Have to respectfully disagree, they’re every bit as corrupt as their buddies on Capital Hill. The difference is they got most of what they wanted on Tuesday (5 out of 6 races), and they can just change the rules to neuter Beshear like the WI GOP did when they lost the governor’s mansion. They’re not prepared to risk their own futures to steal an election for somebody who has stepped on every one of their toes.

Sigh. You are right. After all the AG and SoS were Democrats who have now been replaced by Republicans. We have one chance to save our Republic in the 2020 election and I fear we will blow it.