Stupid Politician Tricks

Velvet Elvis3/27/2010 11:26:54 am PDT

re: #7 iceweasel

The political blogopshere did something similar (and likewise full of fail) a few years ago— IIRC the big proponents of the ‘civility petition’ were Josh Trevino and Jeff Goldstein. Lib bloggers also refused more or less en masse to sign it, since the main purpose of the petition was to 1) complain when people didn’t sign it and 2) faux-outrage when a lib blogger used a dirty word like ‘douchebag’.

Not, for example, for Jeff Goldstein to stop making threats of physical violence, or to keep his rabid commentators from threatening other bloggers.

Was this after Kathy Whats-her-name, the UI blogger was run out of town by a bunch of 4chan trolls?