Open Letter to the Jewish Members of LGF

~Fianna4/28/2011 4:48:51 pm PDT

If it’s any consolation to you, there is a segment of American Jewry (and some in Israel, as well) that agree with you. It’s a rough discussion and part of the reason why I haven’t been around LGF lately. I find it’s not worth the argument and that in general someone says something stupid that makes me lose a lot of respect for them. I’m super-glad that I’ve missed this latest round.

It’s even gotten to the point where my husband and I are uncomfortable going to synagogue because the level of “Team Israel, YAH!! KILL EM ALL” is, frankly, somewhat sickening. (And by “uncomfortable” I mean we’ve left our congregation and celebrated Pesach entirely at home this year - it got that bad).

The political structure on both sides in that region have a lot vested in keeping tensions high and I don’t think a few lives here or there really much bother either side as long as it keeps their power entrenched.