Understanding Terrorism (Video)

researchok6/28/2011 8:19:30 pm PDT

I just watched the whole episode. Like MM says, lots to digest,

The only immediate observation I have is that neither one really broached the subject of choices.

It is easy to say the root cause of terror is politics or foreign policy, but how true is that?

A Palestinian can put on a suicide vest and wreak havoc. That is a choice he made. Nevertheless, we don’t see the survivors or family of the victims putting on suicide vests and doing the same. Why the different choice?

It is at this point I believe politics (and explicitly not religion) plays a role. These poor kids are manipulated and indoctrinated by those with agendas that are in every way counter to finding a solution to the problem. It is impossible to sit down with someone for whom terror is a form of political, religious or cultural expression and expect to come to an agreement. Why? Because the threat and specter of even more terror is explicit.

I wish the Palestinians would have their own Arab Spring. I suspect they’d be most successful in that endeavor.

They have been used and they know it.