Video: Seth Meyers on Trump's FBI Speech, the GOP Tax Plan and Bob Corker's Stunning Hypocrisy

Axolotl12/19/2017 5:32:41 am PST

re: #46 Charles Johnson

Look how bad things have gotten with less than a year of Trump in office. Congress is about to pass a bill that will basically wreck the American economy, to put huge amounts of money in the pockets of the super-rich. I don’t think it’s fatalistic to think another year of this degradation and plundering will be nearly impossible to reverse - it’s realistic.

And as the pressure increases on Trump, the chances that he’ll do something really terrible, like start a war or launch nuclear weapons at North Korea, get even greater.

Sorry, I just don’t see much to be optimistic about right now, and I don’t have much hope that our institutions are strong enough to hold up against this authoritarian onslaught, or Trump would never have been elected in the first place.

Charles, I am sure you read Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. For those who haven’t on this board I strongly recommend it. It is scarier than any Steven King novel - but you’ll like the ending ;)

Things were a lot bleaker for those folks. They had to crawl through some Andy Dufresne level of shit to get to the other side. (Another Steven King reference!)

Things will get bad and horrible things will happen but we have to stay the coarse.