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BeachDem11/14/2018 7:42:07 pm PST

re: #95 ObserverArt

Angry white guys are not the future for the party, they are however a problem for the future of Tim Ryan.

He’s covering his butt in as big a way as he can. It really seems to me he is saying to the people in that part of Ohio he knows they are Pelosi haters (Democrat and even more Republican) and he is too.

If he doesn’t he must think he will get dumped.

Or he is just a dick.

This state has it’s problems. All I can hope is the growth of the urban areas, many coming from the red areas of Ohio, changes their damn thinking about what was to what is and will be.

Or, enough of the elders die off to open the state to more progressive thinking.

I looked back at my notes from our state convention, where Tim Ryan spoke at the Friday night dinner and the Saturday breakfast. He was dissing Nancy Pelosi and singing the praises of Nina Turner (she was there as well—ugh) so I found two good reasons to dislike him.