Here We Go: The Secretary of the Navy Just "Resigned" Over Trump's Love of War Criminals

Quoth the raven, Covfefe.11/24/2019 7:06:57 pm PST

re: #99 Joe Bacon 🌹

There will be plenty of Radical Christians who will threaten to fight to the death to put God’s Anointed King back on the throne!

Believe it or not, I’m going to dispute this one. No doubt there would be some - I’m not naive. However, the general teaching of the religious right has been submission to the governing authority, whomever it may be. They are far more likely to roll with the punches in an attempt to stabilize around the Next Best Thing (tm), and doubly so since Mike Pence is a self-righteous son of a bitch whom they all adore and would welcome in the nation’s highest office, as opposed to Trump, whom they tolerate solely for the sake of their single-minded cause.