ABC Has a Recording of Donald Trump Yelling 'Take Her Out' About Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch

LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)1/24/2020 12:12:58 pm PST

re: #98 Targetpractice

God, the Senate confirmation hearings would be an absolute shitshow, with any Dem who voiced even the least bit of hesitation in supporting Bernie’s nominations without objection getting tossed feet-first into the wood chipper by his purity pony supporters.

I really do fear that Bernie has seen what has worked for Trump- almost absolute and unquestioned loyalty by his supporters and is seeing it pay dividends for himself. Bernie was able to get away with attacking Clinton on legislation that he actually voted on. He’s allowed to have nuance but others aren’t. That’s what infuriates me about Bernie Sanders. Everyone else is a sell-out but him.