Dr. Tiller Shot to Death at Wichita Church

kansas5/31/2009 10:50:19 am PDT

re: #83 jaunte

This is why I mention Hannity. He allowed Randall Terry on his show to speak without any balanced opposition during the recent story about Obama speaking at Notre Dame. In the past, Terry has stated “If you believe abortion is murder, you have to act like it’s murder.” This is a direct result of that kind of ‘activism.’

You imply that means if you believe abortion is murder you should murder someone. That makes no sense. It means to treat it in the justice system as such. And here in Kansas that is being done. Tiller was under investigation because he was accused of not adhering to any medical protocols for the procedures he was doing and was fraudulently altering files and getting sham referrals so he could sell the late term abortions. I think the way it was going his clinic was going to close and his license was in jeopardy. This assine act by an obviously deranged person does not help this now. This should have been allowed to run its legal course.