Another Gorgeous Song From Jacob Collier's New Project: "Ocean Wide, Canyon Deep" (Feat. Laura Mvula)

ckkatz12/01/2018 10:19:41 pm PST

re: #100 Targetpractice

Here’s the thing: Most if not all of those were Kennedy’s ideas. JFK had this big plan ready for not only civil rights but social programs when he was assassinated, so LBJ carried them over the finish line in his memory and there were those who voted for them out of respect for Kennedy’s memory. Had he lived, it’s pretty likely most of the Civil Rights legislation we’re familiar with, to say nothing of the Great Society, would have stalled out for years if not another decade because JFK wouldn’t have the political capital to push it all through.

Kennedy was hobbled as the first Catholic president and as the first of the World War 2 generation presidents. Just as Obama was hobbled as the first African-American president. Clinton was the first baby boomer president. Which may have hobbled him. I suspect that the next elected president after Trump may be the last baby boomer President.