Colbert on Trump's Absurdly Bad Advice for the Notre Dame Cathedral [VIDEO]

KerFuFFler4/17/2019 12:38:36 pm PDT

Hi everybody, I just logged in so I don’t know if people have discussed this, but on the Maddow show last night I learned that in 1989 William Barr wrote a memo for the justice department attempting to justify allowing FBI officers to arrest Noriega in Panama. When the existence of the memo got leaked, Congress had Barr appear for questioning. He refused to provide them with a copy but told them he would “summarize the main conclusions”. They later got hold of the memo and discovered that he had materially misrepresented the contents and meaning of the memo———-the exact thing he appears to be doing again right now!

My question is, why was he not disbarred for lying to Congress, or Hell, why was he not prosecuted for that felony? Why did the Senate confirm as AG a man known for lying to Congress?