Which is Smarter: Nancy Pelosi or a Blue Soap Dish?

quickjustice2/04/2009 2:27:38 pm PST

re: #1005 avanti

And I don’t like the idea of your making whatever measly salary you make either, but it’s none of my business! ;-)

The real point here is that capping executive compensation only makes sense if the executive is worth less than the cap in the labor market. If the executive is worth more than the cap, he’ll simply leave the company subject to the cap, and take a more lucrative job elsewhere. That’s why Obama’s “outrage” and “moral indignation” is bogus. In the private sector, there is a labor market that competes for talent. In government, there isn’t. Obama is treating these people like government employees. He’d do better to give them performance incentives linked to their pay, but as a bureaucrat and “community organizer”, he doesn’t understand the concept.