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re: #96 Dave In Austin

I wouldn’t ask him to go that far. I don’t think that’s fair.
If Joe had to vote for Pres. tomorrow. I’m confident that he would not vote for The dictator.

I think it’s entirely fair. He would pull the lever for (R) Beelzebub before any Democrat.

Walsh was a GOPTP Congressman. He is only upset at Trump’s tone, not Trump’s policies.

“So what’s interesting is, Trump and I really married on a number of these populist issues: secure the goddamn border, get illegals out of this country, blow up sanctuary cities. And Islam has a problem—let’s not be Europe,” he says. “These issues of populist security resonate—stuff I’ve been talking about for a long time—I think more than anything with Trump’s voters. When Donald Trump said, you know what, you’re not a country if you don’t have borders—duh. Such an obvious thing. That got him elected. So I think it’s those issues that the average American felt like, ‘I got a government that’s more concerned about people in this country illegally than me; we’re letting Muslims into this country who aren’t assimilating. What the f—?’”

Is Joe Walsh Really ‘Woke’? (Goes to that bastion of liberal though, Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard)