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Hecuba's daughter12/01/2018 10:39:29 pm PST

re: #99 The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge

And if Kennedy had lived, you would have been marching against him, so his reputation would have been quite a bit different, too.

Maybe — or maybe not. He might have not been so supportive of the escalation of the war in Vietnam, but we have no way to determine what might have happened.

re: #100 Targetpractice

Here’s the thing: Most if not all of those were Kennedy’s ideas. …Had he lived, it’s pretty likely most of the Civil Rights legislation we’re familiar with, to say nothing of the Great Society, would have stalled out for years if not another decade because JFK wouldn’t have the political capital to push it all through.

Definitely agree. It took a master politician like LBJ to force these policies through. And there likely would not have been the 1964 landslide that helped Johnson achieve these goals.